Very Deserved Nerf To Max Block Necros – Path of Exile

If you have everplayed a necromancer in say dungeons and dragons, or read fantasy, A necromancer does not win because they can beat you down with 5 zombies that run a billion miles per hour and that attack you fast. They simply are like a bulldozer moving forward like a wall that eventually crushes you.

Revamped Ascendancy Class Reveal


If anything im a bit sad there is not a way to transfer damage you take to your zombies, thats something a necromancer would do for sure, imagine if zombie health became a mini mind over matter, 20% of damage from hits is dealt to the nearest zombie instead. We have been playing Path Of Exile for a while now and are proud to be the best place online to buy exalted orbs for the lowest price. Today, we want to share with you that Revamped Ascendancy Class Reveal: Necromancer.

1. This is actually a bad way to build an ascendancy imo. it makes any summoner skill that doesn’t have explicit buffs in necro most likely unplayable. you pretty much have no choice if you want to play a summoner in its current state, which goes against the spirit of what poe originally was.

2. And goes exactly in the direction PoE has been taking and GGG seems to want their game to become. They said they want class identity, so they’re giving it to ascendencies. It’s not a bad way to build an ascendancy, it’s just not what a lot of people were looking for when coming to PoE. Game is changing. For the better or for the worse is just a matter of point of view.

3. It has one for every minion type (Puppet Master is for SRS) except for Golems, which was always meant to be the Elementalist’s specialty. Also if you don’t like the explicit buffs from Necro, Guardian makes for a great generic summoner, especially with the changes to the charges node, and Champion makes for a decent summoner with the Lycosidae aura and ally buffs. It’s not quite as bad as you think, but I do agree that the overspecialisation has been a point of concern for me as well with the reworks.

4. Finally necro is a summoner with the minion tree splitting into your designated minion. I love the change! It looks like necro is not longer just for abusing self offerings. Seems fair.