Path of Exile’s Abyss League, Enjoying It?

The Abyss league and Hardcore Abyss league are the current challenge leagues. The leagues started on December 8, 2017 alongside the release of the War for the Atlas expansion. (Version 3.1.0) Let see others enjoying the league.

1) If you do maps 6 to 16 hours a day like them there’s no way you’re gonna be poor. Simple as that, fast clear speed and lots of maps /time to play. In harbinger league I went pretty hard and got 7 exalt dropped etc. I had multiple six links and almost 1000 chaos aswell. That was within the first month and a half of the league. I cleared a t11 map in like 3 minutes.

This game is all about time, if you can’t play alot you’re gonna be poor in game. Unless you get a lucky drop, but even then you’re still not swimming in Path of Exile currency.

Abyss league is OK but those stingrays are stupid as hell especially when they have proximity shield and you’re a ranged character. Reached 12 challenge reward within 1 day and it’s kinda meh… I don’t get why it’s an helmet either. There’s no other pieces, just a helmet.

2) I haven’t gotten to mapping yet but the Abyss part of it is pretty great so far. Only a few depths have popped up but it’s nice to get an idea of what i’ll be in for during mapping. No idea what the liches are like yet. I really should have chosen a different starter though, scorching ray two races and one league in a row is wearing me out.

3) Not really digging it (pardon the pun). The Abyss mechanic is okay, reminiscent of Breach and it is better than Harbringer. But it feels too easy.

Let me explain before you flame me. I love POE, but I am by no means more than an average player at best. I play crappy builds, I overlevel, and I get killed in some of the dumbest ways imaginable. And yet I’ve been rolling through Abyss with nothing more than a Frost Blades shadow, reaching the abyssal trove every single time I’ve encoutered a rift. And when I’ve opened the trove, I’ve been showered with loot quantities akin to killing multiple rogue exiles. To Farkenel’s point above, a lot of that loot turns out to be meh. But some of it is decent. The problem is I don’t really feel like I’ve earned it. The critical difference between Abyss and Breach (imo) is that I had to work harder for whatever loot I gained in Breach. Abyss? I’m already at the point where I feel like ignoring rifts.

I’m happy to see others enjoying the league because, as I said, I really like POE and want it to continue to do well. What are your Abyss League goals?