Anyone else Ever Witnessed Healers/Tanks Who Queue as DDs – ESO

We has anyone else ever witnessed healers/tanks who queue as DDs? I’ve seen this several times now and I can’t figure out why they do it. First time it happened, I was healing a normal dungeon. Wondered why the hell I was doing 50-60% of the group’s damage. Well, turns out one of our DDs… was a healer. They kept running in front of me and healing the others before I had a chance to, wtf?

Dungeon Finder

And then, similar things kept on happening. I run dungeon as DD, and I’m doing 80% of the damage, which isn’t right because I’m really not that good. Oh look, the other DD is tanking and the boss is basically a tennis ball between two people pulling it. Wonderful!

So… DDs queue as tanks/healers to skip the 10-15 minute wait time for DDs. But why would someone do the reverse? When you make a new character and go to the dungeon finder, is the DD role automatically selected? Because if so, that would explain it, they’re probably just newbies who haven’t discovered role selecting.

– I’ve seen it happen a few times. On vet scalepeak just last week the other dd was pulling 5k dps max he was a 600cp templar wearing pvp gear wielding s&b on the backbar, frost staff on the front bar. When I asked why, he said he needed it to block damage so he could survive. When I asked him what his dps was on a dummy he said 30k. When I asked what health the dummy was he said “30k”. I was honestly amazed that he was 600cp and still didn’t at least have a grasp of the basics.

– When I was still levelling up my templar healer I’d have a dd/healer setup so I’d queue as both of these roles. I usually got a place as a healer so at some point I just went into dungeons healing people without even checking my role, and I think twice I didn’t realise I was actually supposed to be a dd until halfway through the dungeon lol. I suppose this could be happening in some of the cases you mentioned?

However, I do not understand people who are clearly not meant to be tanks and are trying to dd with a sword and shield setup. Some of those I met were new players who didn’t realise that a snb didn’t do much damage in ESO, but others were high cp and said they just preferred the feel of playing with a shield. I’m all about playing the game however you want to, but if it was a healer or a tank not doing their job properly, they’d get their asses kicked out of the dungeon instantly.

But when it comes to doing damage people are given much more leeway which is quite ironic in my opinion, seeing as dds are much easier to replace due to their sheer numbers. If you are in lack of ESO gold, you can Eso power leveling buy on ESO-GOLD. Besides, you should read more to learn some useful tips on The Elder Scrolls Online.


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