What’s Wrong with Playing Standard League in PoE

I am enjoying the game a lot and having a blast with a couple of friends in standard league. It is a very enjoyable experience do far. The community seems nice most of the times, however, every couple of videos or posts I came across there’s always people trashing on standard league and the people who plays it. Am I missing out on something or is it just some sort of elitism going on? If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose u4gm.com sale cheap poe currency.

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Your currency is worth significantly less in Standard because everyone has their multiple old leagues’ worth of wealth. If you played a month each league, you’d be better off than playing 8 months of standard for multiple reasons. It’s easier to make money in a new league, more people play new leagues than standard, so more trades occur.

It’s a race, and those who want to get ahead are willing to pay for advantages. If you have a marketable advantage, you can profit. Also, those who are ahead in the race can sell to those behind in the race. Like the other guy said, people have 500ex to blow, do you have 500ex? In comparison, a league doesn’t last long enough for nearly anyone to make that much money. Standard is just casual play, and fewer people want to play this game casually than those who want to play competitively. This game is some peoples’ lives.

Some of it is memeing/elitism, but the temporary leagues do have a few advantages over standard.

  • Temporary league mechanic, which is usually a ton of fun and extra loot.
  • Fresh economy. Standard contains all the wealth from every league ever and the economy is kind of weird.
  • More players, meaning it’s easier to find people to trade and play with.
  • Challenges, which reward you with some sweet limited cosmetic items.

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