Path of Exile Not Having A Cultural Influence in the Gaming Realm

I mean, over 150K. that is no small feat for a free game with a relatively small cultural influence in the gaming realm. its sub is incredibly active. The developers are presumably reading most threads and make minor (sometimes) major changes on a whim because they react. I grew up on old jrpgs and hack and slash games like -obligatory- D1 and D2. I played Torchlight and some other semi-popular clones. They scratched, but the itch was only alleviated. After playing some 120 hours, I think I have found what I want. And a lot of it is due a huge, active community I did know existed in these numbers. The interested gamers can buy chaos orbs poe from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

You can’t really say “small cultural influence”. If you’re an rpg fan, you know this game. If you’re an arpg fan, you’ve played this game. Few years back, you’d probably be right. But right now, any grindy (a)rpg can be compared to this, and it’s an unfair comparison for those games, as nothing comes even close to what PoE has become over the years.

Take D3 for example. It’s AAA game, but it was abandoned. You can play it for a bit, but you realize that it’s…boring. Pretty soon. Having smooth gameplay, great engine etc. helps, but that’s not what carries games. Devs do. As long as they make sensible decisions and move forward, the community will appreciate it and grow.

Even if a game has great potential, great gameplay, great community etc. (good ol’ days of RO) if the devs aren’t up to par, or make stupid decisions, the players feel it and leave sooner or later.

PoE is pretty much the only ARPG that can be played long-term right now, as nothing comes close.


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