Wat are the Thaumaturgical Nets for, Path of Exile?

With the recent changes/additions to Bestiary trying to solve the various issues, and the recent feelings of the community that the nets are taking poe currency spots in the drop pools, I started thinking about the net system as a whole.

There are several problems with the nets/Bestiary, but I want to highlight specific ones:

  • Nets are extremely common, 15-30 per map
  • Beasts are fairly rare, 1 to 2 per maps
  • This leads to an overabundance of various nets, despite rarity or tier of net.

Net tiering doesn’t even matter due to the above points. They could entirely remove nets as a PoE currency, turn it into a button not requiring an item, and nothing would change. At the moment, we could pick up 1 to 2 of the nets per map, and be fine. Hell, even picking up 1/3 of the total net drops in maps, we’d have no issues, and be wasting very little time. Nets are almost as common as Portal Scrolls, and pollute the screen/drop pools, with no added benefit.

path of exile discussion


While it may be too late to make the change for the league, if this is something being baked into the core game, I’d highly suggest getting rid of net items, and make it just the button. The actual nets are essentially useless clutter, and just make the system that much more clumsy.

This has taken off more than I expected! I wanted to add some possible solutions.

  • Keep net tiers/quantity the same, but drastically increase rate of desirable beasts.
  • Remove net tiers(so only one or two nets), keep quantity, but drastically increase rate of desirable beasts.
  • Remove net tiers entirely(no items period), keep beasts rate as is.

Personally, the first two are what I’d hope for, as this would solve some other issues the league has at the moment. Would add more value to nets, make them more useful/worthwhile, etc. The last option is the least desirable, but would at least be an improvement to the system as a whole.

In my opinion, I understand why they did it this way, they want an opportunity cost, where you have to spend the time and effort getting various nets. But with the best nets being so common, and beasts being so rare, the opportunity cost disappears.

It’s kind of similar to Scrolls of Wisdom. Most people just ignore picking these up, because in the current meta, you don’t ID every single rare. And you can vendor transmutes/scraps/whetstones for scrolls. Nets are very much becoming Scrolls of Wisdom, a nuisance currency that serves little purpose and is extremely common.


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