Constant Innovation Is One of the Benchmarks of PoE

Constant innovation is one of the benchmarks of Path of Exile. This is made abundantly clear with their introduction of quarterly challenge leagues. With new possibilities to explore every three months, PoE routinely gains an edge of freshness while retaining much of its core identity at the same time. This gives it the familiarity to attract new as well as the inventiveness to keep old players to keep coming back for more.


Here’s a look at the changes you can expect from the Bestiary League:

Savage Menagerie: Introduction of Fantastic Beasts
Traversing along Wraeclast, chances are you’ve already had a chance to observe—and even admire—the fantastic beasts that roam freely along its rough landscapes. You may even have wondered what it was like to rein them in for your own ends.

Beastly Infusion: Catching ‘em All
It’s time to address the Pokémon issue. While some folks are sure to notice the parallels, putting it that way is a somewhat simplistic way of looking at it, IMHO. Sure, this particular update does indeed draw inspiration from the Pokémon fandom. In truth, however, there are so many more layers to the 3.2.0 update than meets the eye.

Craft of Creation: Creating the Beasts
Let’s get one thing straight: In the Bestiary League, the Path of Exile currency is blood. If you want to have the most powerful PoE items and weapons at your disposal, then you’ll need to spill blood—the blood of the beasts you successfully ensnare, that is. The rarer the type of beast you capture, the more powerful the items you can craft when you sacrifice them. The introduction of the Bestiary has the potential to give crafting a major facelift. Only time will tell if it is just a temporary phase or a game-changing innovation that will change gaming. To that, I say let the good times roll and let the deluge of beastly blood begin!

Continued Innovation: Bestiary & Beyond
Whether or not remnants of the soon-to-be-concluded Abyss League will stay on in Path of Exile is something that remains to be seen. I like to think of PoE’s quarterly cycle of updates as a steady progression that piques your curiosity little by little. Instead of overloading players with a chunk of new gameplay mechanics, innovations get introduced at a more measured pace for folks to properly digest. With each update, GGG gives players more reasons to keep coming back. Bear in mind that the

Beast Mode: The Bottom Line
The Bestiary League allows exiles to hunt, capture, and ultimately sacrifice a wide variety of beasts in order for you to craft potent items. If it is any indication of PoE’s overall direction, you sure can bet your bottom Dollar that there are plenty more cool permutations to come in the game’s future. But, of course, let’s not get ahead of ourselves either. Let’s just make the most of the time we have in the Abyss League and hop on the oncoming changes that the 3.2.0 update has to offer. The Bestiary League is almost at hand and it’s up to us to take up the challenge. “In this land, knowledge is strength and ignorance is death. A hunter must know his prey. Only the worthy will survive.”


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