Do You Excited for Path of Exile’s March Update?

Path of Exile is getting a huge update on March 2, 2018. It’s so big that the developers were unsure whether to call it an update or an expansion. What is it about, you ask? The Bestiary League introduces hunter-gatherer Einhar Frey who will teach players how to catch and sacrifice beasts to make powerful items. Think Pokémon, except you sacrifice your Pokémon for items. A more in-depth explanation is below. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can poe currency buy from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

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The Bestiary
When the update goes live, you get to capture monsters that qualify as beasts. By throwing a net at them when they’re sufficiently weakened, the beast is transferred to a menagerie where all your captured beasts will go.

The menagerie isn’t just a zoo-like place you can view your collected beasts; it’s also where you can fight them to create items. The Blood Altar lets you fight up to four of your collected beasts. Upon succeeding in defeating them, the player gets a crafted PoE item.

There are 250 regular monsters and 40 new legendary beasts. Each of them has modifications that change the characteristics of the items that can be received at the altar. It makes the creatures an ingredient of the crafted item. Some of them can even function similarly to a Vaal Orb, without the drawback of affecting the item negatively. However, failing to kill the creatures means the player doesn’t get anything.

Capturing and fighting the four new spirit animal bosses result in PoE’s first ever gear sets. However, the developers gave it a PoE twist, in that one gear will provide a particular skill, with the other optional equipment modifying that skill in some way.

And More!
The update will also let those looking for a challenging fight both The Elder and The Shaper at the same time. It requires the player to defeat the four Shaper Guardians while they’re corrupted by The Elder, though. The Prophecy system also allows players to obtain new Fated Unique items. Finally, the update overhauls the Ascendancy system for more balance and class identity.


PoE – Who Gives Map Economy When People Leaving Game?

Map Tier Progression should be gated by the power of your character, it’s an ARPG after all. If a map is too hard for you, you’re gonna die therefore you keep doing lower ones until you get stronger. It’s so damn annoying how PoE had become something like an MMORPG where you should kill lv 1 Boars for hours and pray for getting a key that allows you to kill lv 2 Dinos and pray to RNGesus for they drop the next key. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need to buy poe items, you can turn to U4GM for help. We has cheap poe items for sale.

The big issue that we faced when the end-game was in this state was staleness of the final areas. Players who wanted to find the best items and earn the most experience were forced to repeat the same few areas over and over. While the random levels were doing a lot of work, we needed a lot more variety. In the 0.8.6 patch, we added a special end-game called the Maelstrom of Chaos. This was a set of consecutive areas that tapered upwards in difficulty level, with random monsters and random tilesets.

While this improved the boredom issue of people playing the same areas over and over, it created an entirely new problem that we hadn’t seen before: content difficulty entitlement.

Players would finish the Merciless difficulty level and were excited to play in the Maelstrom of Chaos. Because the areas were connected together, they could easily skip the first ones by running through them to get to the harder content. This was fine when the players were able to handle the harder content, but it failed in reality. Players would watch streamers and get the impression that everyone was farming the hardest Maelstrom areas, so they’d rush there themselves and fail to kill anything. Many players expressed vocal concerns that the game was so unforgiving and difficult, despite the fact that there were easier areas to play while working up to the hard ones. For comparison, it’d be like players nowadays finishing Act Ten and expecting to immediately conquer red maps, being angry that the content killed them instantly.

I vividly remember the meeting we had where we first discussed this idea of content difficulty entitlement. The word “entitlement” usually has massively negative connotations, but it is a very accurate description of the situation that was occurring. It was quite frustrating, watching people intentionally sabotage their own progression and then getting angry about it. Eventually we realised the truth: the game design was at fault and needed to change. We needed to find a system that made players feel good about playing at the right level for their progression.

Path of Exile Contains Many Bestiary League Improvements

Our goal is to deploy improvements to Bestiary League as soon as they are ready, rather than stockpiling them into large patches. In this vein, we have already released ten small patches since the league started, and have many more to go as feedback continues. This particular 3.2.1 patch requires a realm restart, so that’s why it has more changes than the other smaller patches did. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need poe orbs, you can turn to U4GM for help. We has cheap poe items for sale.

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Please note that the below list is not the full patch notes, and it’s certainly not the last of the changes to this league. It’s what we’re going to have ready and tested for the middle of this week. Also note that anything can change! We may remove things on this list entirely if they don’t work out.

Thanks for your patience and feedback. We really enjoy watching the videos of awesome captures and beastcrafts!

Net Drops
We have also reduced net drops from bosses so that they drop regular items like before (it had a measurable effect).

Net Throw Speed
We have increased how quickly you can throw nets. It’ll now be easier to quickly fire one off in combat without risking stopping for as long.

Recipe Sort Order
The most interesting recipes are now always at the top of the crafting window, so that it’s easier to find them. The big lists of levelling items and rares are further down the bottom and aren’t hiding any special ones.

Beast Trading
3.2.1 allows you to trade beasts with other players! Just buy a Bestiary Orb from Einhar, travel to your Menagerie and use it on a beast in a cage. It’ll convert the beast to an item which can then be listed on trade sites and traded to other players using the secure trade screen.

New Recipes
Our intention is to add some new crafting recipes in 3.2.1 and then keep adding new recipes to keep challenging expectations for crafting throughout the league.

We’re also planning many bug fixes and improvements to Bestiary play in parties.

This isn’t everything we’re working on, but is all of the Bestiary improvements that will be tested and ready to release this week. Once 3.2.1 is deployed, we’ll keep making further improvements to the league. Please keep the feedback coming!

This post applies to the PC version of 3.2.1. We’ll prepare it for Xbox also as soon as it’s ready, but that’s likely to be released on Xbox next week.


Wat are the Thaumaturgical Nets for, Path of Exile?

With the recent changes/additions to Bestiary trying to solve the various issues, and the recent feelings of the community that the nets are taking poe currency spots in the drop pools, I started thinking about the net system as a whole.

There are several problems with the nets/Bestiary, but I want to highlight specific ones:

  • Nets are extremely common, 15-30 per map
  • Beasts are fairly rare, 1 to 2 per maps
  • This leads to an overabundance of various nets, despite rarity or tier of net.

Net tiering doesn’t even matter due to the above points. They could entirely remove nets as a PoE currency, turn it into a button not requiring an item, and nothing would change. At the moment, we could pick up 1 to 2 of the nets per map, and be fine. Hell, even picking up 1/3 of the total net drops in maps, we’d have no issues, and be wasting very little time. Nets are almost as common as Portal Scrolls, and pollute the screen/drop pools, with no added benefit.

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While it may be too late to make the change for the league, if this is something being baked into the core game, I’d highly suggest getting rid of net items, and make it just the button. The actual nets are essentially useless clutter, and just make the system that much more clumsy.

This has taken off more than I expected! I wanted to add some possible solutions.

  • Keep net tiers/quantity the same, but drastically increase rate of desirable beasts.
  • Remove net tiers(so only one or two nets), keep quantity, but drastically increase rate of desirable beasts.
  • Remove net tiers entirely(no items period), keep beasts rate as is.

Personally, the first two are what I’d hope for, as this would solve some other issues the league has at the moment. Would add more value to nets, make them more useful/worthwhile, etc. The last option is the least desirable, but would at least be an improvement to the system as a whole.

In my opinion, I understand why they did it this way, they want an opportunity cost, where you have to spend the time and effort getting various nets. But with the best nets being so common, and beasts being so rare, the opportunity cost disappears.

It’s kind of similar to Scrolls of Wisdom. Most people just ignore picking these up, because in the current meta, you don’t ID every single rare. And you can vendor transmutes/scraps/whetstones for scrolls. Nets are very much becoming Scrolls of Wisdom, a nuisance currency that serves little purpose and is extremely common.


PoE Brings Together Some of the Best Things

Gameplay is unique, the devs are awesome, content is constantly being added, the community is actually listened to and cosmetic. The replayability value is insane and there’s easily hundreds of different builds you can make. The game is also very challenging but rewarding with a vast, complex economic system (No gold, you trade with poe currency that are also be used for crafting) with hundreds of unique items that can make a build possible or transform a build into something completely different. I cannot praise this game enough, everything from the map design, music, boss mechanics, atmosphere, graphics, animations, combat are beautifully executed. If you love RPG’s and havn’t tried this out, you must try this game.

Path of Exile brings together some of the best things in games. Tons of Leagues, the PoE equivalent to the Seasons in Diablo, which each have a new “gimmick” that makes the game interesting and fun to come back to time and time again, with each new feature spicing up the fantastic story. Even if you don’t care about the story, and find staring at the same enemies over and over again, there’s an abolutely MASSIVE perk tree to mix and match to boost your build. Skills in PoE aren’t locked to a single class, either. So long as you have the stat points, you can use any of the Skill Gems, which ranges from standard “Necromancer” builds, which raise undead and spread disease to the hordes of enemies you’ll be able to go toe-to-toe with, or a “Rogue” built around being a tornado of blades, capable of running through levels at high speeds as they simply cut a hole through the chest cavities of enemies.

But, maybe you prefer a more lax approach, maybe you like base building, and daily quests. Path of Exile has that too, with nearly all decorations you find being able to be purchased from one of the cast of Exiles you can find around the maps with quests for you, allowing you to build a spacious library, an arena built overlooking the waterways of Sarn, or a forested canopy that looks like it would need Hidden Power to make.

PoE has something for almost everyone, and though you may feel the story gets a bit repetitious, the graphics and attention to detail on decent PCs can keep you entertained as you level yet another class through the same story and not even notice.


GGG deployed the Content Update 3.2.0 to the PC version of PoE

GGG deployed the Bestiary Challenge League and Content Update 3.2.0 to the PC version of Path of Exile. We know that many of you are wondering when this update will be coming to Xbox One. However, it is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need to buy poe orbs, you can turn to U4GM for help. We has cheap poe orbs for sale.

GGG aim is to deploy Content Update 3.2.0 and the Bestiary League to Xbox One as soon as we possibly can. They team is finishing up a few small details for the Xbox One version and they will be submitting this to Microsoft hopefully later this week. Once the update is accepted by Microsoft it will be easy to announce a date for when the launch will happen. Watch this space!

GGG know that many of you have asked how capturing beasts is going to work on Xbox One. They have been working on a smart-targeting system for Bestiary Nets so that they’re easy to use with the Xbox One controller. This will allow Xbox players to throw nets in the general direction of a group of monsters and the net will automatically be targeted to the most powerful of them.

The net capture feature will check for monsters in a radius around your current target. It prioritises monsters with higher health pools – favouring magic, rare and unique monsters first. So if a Bestiary modded mob is in the middle of a giant pack of white or magic monsters, the Bestiary mob will always be the net target as this has the highest health pool and rarity. The net capturing ability will be a bindable key action that you can select on A, X, Y or B. This is a very important feature that we want to get right on day one of release.

GGG also want to include as many of the hotfixes from the PC version as possible to give you the best league experience from the very start.

The Abyss League will end when Content Update 3.2.0 launches. At launch, the Abyss Supporter Packs will be replaced by the new Bestiary Supporter Packs! This means it’s your last chance to grab your Abyss Supporter Packs and complete your challenges for your exclusive microtransaction rewards!


Constant Innovation Is One of the Benchmarks of PoE

Constant innovation is one of the benchmarks of Path of Exile. This is made abundantly clear with their introduction of quarterly challenge leagues. With new possibilities to explore every three months, PoE routinely gains an edge of freshness while retaining much of its core identity at the same time. This gives it the familiarity to attract new as well as the inventiveness to keep old players to keep coming back for more.


Here’s a look at the changes you can expect from the Bestiary League:

Savage Menagerie: Introduction of Fantastic Beasts
Traversing along Wraeclast, chances are you’ve already had a chance to observe—and even admire—the fantastic beasts that roam freely along its rough landscapes. You may even have wondered what it was like to rein them in for your own ends.

Beastly Infusion: Catching ‘em All
It’s time to address the Pokémon issue. While some folks are sure to notice the parallels, putting it that way is a somewhat simplistic way of looking at it, IMHO. Sure, this particular update does indeed draw inspiration from the Pokémon fandom. In truth, however, there are so many more layers to the 3.2.0 update than meets the eye.

Craft of Creation: Creating the Beasts
Let’s get one thing straight: In the Bestiary League, the Path of Exile currency is blood. If you want to have the most powerful PoE items and weapons at your disposal, then you’ll need to spill blood—the blood of the beasts you successfully ensnare, that is. The rarer the type of beast you capture, the more powerful the items you can craft when you sacrifice them. The introduction of the Bestiary has the potential to give crafting a major facelift. Only time will tell if it is just a temporary phase or a game-changing innovation that will change gaming. To that, I say let the good times roll and let the deluge of beastly blood begin!

Continued Innovation: Bestiary & Beyond
Whether or not remnants of the soon-to-be-concluded Abyss League will stay on in Path of Exile is something that remains to be seen. I like to think of PoE’s quarterly cycle of updates as a steady progression that piques your curiosity little by little. Instead of overloading players with a chunk of new gameplay mechanics, innovations get introduced at a more measured pace for folks to properly digest. With each update, GGG gives players more reasons to keep coming back. Bear in mind that the

Beast Mode: The Bottom Line
The Bestiary League allows exiles to hunt, capture, and ultimately sacrifice a wide variety of beasts in order for you to craft potent items. If it is any indication of PoE’s overall direction, you sure can bet your bottom Dollar that there are plenty more cool permutations to come in the game’s future. But, of course, let’s not get ahead of ourselves either. Let’s just make the most of the time we have in the Abyss League and hop on the oncoming changes that the 3.2.0 update has to offer. The Bestiary League is almost at hand and it’s up to us to take up the challenge. “In this land, knowledge is strength and ignorance is death. A hunter must know his prey. Only the worthy will survive.”