Why Is It Okay To Completely Write off All Other Belt Bases, PoE?

The Abyss Challenge League was introduced alongside the War for the Atlas expansion and GGG are very pleased by the amount of players that have been enjoying this league. GGG are sure that many of you are interested to know the future of the Abyss mechanics, so they team has written a Development Manifesto regarding the integration of the Abyss content. At the same times, If you need to poe currency buy, just make sure to spare some time to join in our site. Today, We share with you about the Abyss League Integration in the forum discussion.



Abyss Content Integration:
1. Pros and Cons of Keeping the Content
2. The Specifics
3. Rewards
4.Abyss Uniques

1. TL;DR, abysses in maps like breaches. 10%, so good chance to find one or the other. Belts/Jewels MUCH lower drop, only from depths and liches (which are a higher chance to find)

No chance for stygian vises to be elder/shaper.

Lightpoacher nerfed (doesn’t always pierce, but can for/chain, and travels a limited distance)

The fact that they’re still in the game is MASSIVE.

The fact that both abyss/breaches are 10% is actually pretty neat, maps that have extra stuff (masters/breaches) are always nice.

2. Darkness Enthroned is going to beat a lot of levelling and early map belts, and be the DPS belt option of choice for a lot of builds, but with jewels becoming much rarer it’ll be a real investment to get the two strong jewels that makes it so amazing right now.

3. Belts are easy to craft with the limited amount of shitmod available. slam some t1-3 resist essences and you hit a good one rather quick.

After a week everybody (who entered a map) and their mother will wear one again except the build has barely any use of abyss jewels.

Elder/shaper belts which want a good base in the first place require way more path of exile currency to be decent since you usually chase for a specific mod + other okish rolls

4. I’m not a fan of the belts staying in the game, jewels sure, but belts? The thing is a good elder/shaper belt is extremely expensive/rare and a stygian belt just flat out beats all other belts. So 99% of the player base is just going to be walking around with the stygian belt. Once again making all other normal belts just obsolete.

I really hope GGG reconsiders their decision. A stygian belt with a blue jewel should not be better than all other non-shaped/elder belts.

On a side note, the lightpoacher nerf is not significant enough, using pierce over volley isn’t a huge deal, unless the range was drastically reduced and not just slightly reduced.

What’s your opinion about the Abyss League Integration?


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