Very Deserved Nerf To Max Block Necros – Path of Exile

If you have everplayed a necromancer in say dungeons and dragons, or read fantasy, A necromancer does not win because they can beat you down with 5 zombies that run a billion miles per hour and that attack you fast. They simply are like a bulldozer moving forward like a wall that eventually crushes you. [...]


What Are You Looking Forward to the Most in PoE 2018?

In the Bestiary League, you will have the option to complete 40 new challenges and earn exclusive microtransaction rewards! At 12, 24 and 36 challenges you will earn the Bestiary Helmet, Bestiary Wings and Bestiary Portal respectively. Completing challenges also grants you pieces of the Bestiary Totem Pole Hideout decoration.   Assassin was the one [...]

Why Is It Okay To Completely Write off All Other Belt Bases, PoE?

The Abyss Challenge League was introduced alongside the War for the Atlas expansion and GGG are very pleased by the amount of players that have been enjoying this league. GGG are sure that many of you are interested to know the future of the Abyss mechanics, so they team has written a Development Manifesto regarding [...]