Top 3 Sunder Builds For Duelist Slayer in POE 3.1

The Slayer class focuses on raw power and sustaining sustainability as they fight. They possess bonuses to life leech and stun, and passives including Bane of Legends offers them an edge against tougher monsters. As a consequence of the secondary nodes all having increased attack speed and two-handed damage bonuses, this class is nicely suited for attack skills for two-handed weapons and bows. Poe Sunder is really a melee attack making a wave that travels forward and damages enemies inside a straight line. Enemies hit by the release circular shock waves that additional harm nearby enemies. Now U4gm Share Three Sunder Builds For Duelist Slayer to you.


It’s essentially a great all-rounder that will help you to speed-farm the Uber Lab, farm map’s as much as T13 and all sorts of other mid-tier content hanging around in a extremely fast rate. It decimates breaches, can tank exiles, beyond mobs and invasion bosses, in addition to survive explosive strongbox and ghost encounters – causeing this to be among the best all-around cheap builds there’s.


– Fast

– Tanky

– Above-average DPS

– The apparatus is completely low as chips to acquire.

– Levelling is simple, out of the box the ultimate Kitava kill without resorting to Twink quality gear.

– You are able to face-tank the whole Uber Lab within 5 min’s while collecting keys and shrines across the primary path. This can be done over and again and again with essentially no recourse of dying.

– Uber-Lab faming could make you filthy wealthy in many various ways, throughout the period of a season. Then in standard mode, too. This really is relevant even just in 7-day race leagues, too.

– This is actually the only character I’ve ever “raced” to Kitava without having to worry about gearing myself with twink products but still had the ability to easily beat the boss…… Deathless…… the whole way.



– This isn’t a Protector-stomping mega-DPS build. You are able to obvious the Guardians and Shaper deathless with a decent knowledge of in charge mechanics during the period of 2-4min’s, but many casual players will die a minimum of a couple of times in individuals encounters, particularly in they’ve lower level/quality gem’s, or make an effort to completely face-tank the fights.

– It’s a lot slower as wand builds since it does not have 600% movement speed. It’s still extremely fast none the less though.

– It isn’t as completely screen-shattering because the 1-shot trash clearing mega-AOE-sized Kinetic Blast builds. Still it clears trash extremely fast none the less though.

– The DPS drop’s off noticeably against T14 map bosses and above. It isn’t as if you can’t kill them, it’s just a lot more like the bosses move from taking 1-ten seconds, close to 30-90 seconds. The Gorge Map boss on T13 is another complete discomfort within the ass because of the relentless jumping all around the screen or being able to 2-shot you together with his quick leap slams. Getting stated that though, they’re still simple to kill deathless, they simply harder.

Thanks for visiting this Dual Wield Sunder guide, We utilize the Resolute Technique keystone to ensure that our attacks can’t be evaded while dual wielding a Soul Taker therefore we can reserve all of our mana, along with a Varunastra to ensure that we can use all one hands physical damage nodes on the tree from nodes for example Deadly Dilettante.


+ High survivability

+ Fast obvious speed

+ Could be affordable

+ Can run all labs

+ High DPS & existence


– Medicore single target damage

– Physical & elemental maps run carefully

– Require’s you to keep yourself informed and dodge enemy attacks

Would you like to play something unique? Something that can make your buddies laugh to you for trying? Then you’re in the right address! This build may be the underdog of Path of Exile 3.1. Welcome back my old friend, Cast on Melee Kill. I have 2 buddies trying this build, and both of them are just surprised about how quickly this clears and just how fun it’s to experience! I would suggest this build to anybody!




+ HC Viable

+ Super Tanky

+ Fast Clearspeed

+ Ideal for Abyss spawns

+ Insanely fast and smooth leveling using Molten Strike Ancestral Call

+ Great party build ( 20% Culling = NICE )

+ Nearly every ascendancy is viable


– Cast on Melee kill includes a super bad status…

– God Complex

– Monsters without corpses

– Endgame build cost

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