Path of Exile to Be the Best Game to Recommend to People

Are you looking for a game that suits you? I am glad to tell you. It’s the easiest game to recommend to people who are 20+ years old because all you have to say is “did you like Diablo 2?” Do you want a better game? Do you like free games?

Take a look at some of the players for this game experience:

1) I play games for like 100hrs/week, I just absolutely love games.

PoE was harder to get started on than just about any game. I knew i’d like the game, I’d watched streams, played a ton of D3 and had friends playing.

Even knowing all of this, the beginning of an account is just so horridly slow and boring that I’d quit multiple times over the years before even starting. As soon as I sat down and pushed through the missions and got the core items for an actual build, I knew I’d be playing a ton of PoE, and haven’t stopped since.

2) I’ve been playing since 2012, and I feel like there’s several of those lines I’ve crossed along the way:

  • The line where my build doesn’t turn to trash at level 50
  • The line where my build doesn’t turn to trash at level 60
  • The line where my build doesn’t turn to trash at level 70
  • The line where my build doesn’t turn to trash at level 80
  • The line where I understand the economy and what to buy/sell
  • The line where I understand better what to pick up/how to farm
  • The line where I can really start making my own builds from scratch and be able to tell if they’ll succeed just by
  • looking at what I was able to get with what amount of points, gear, etc.
  • And so on. Every time I crossed one of those lines, it’s felt GREAT and even more rewarding than before.

3) It’s free.

It’s active.

It has a decent community compared to the CANCER you find in today’s online games.

Since the community is active, there are guides everywhere. You can find info on whatever the fuck you want, even the most obscure things.

It is fun.

It seems complex at the start, but once you commit to it for a couple hundred hours you can see that it’s not something hard to play.

4) Once you reach the endgame, it’s extremely easy to just farm chaos orbs to a good amount and get the gears that you need with it.

It’s not really a drop-dependant game, when I’m just able to get what I want from in a matter of seconds.

I love Path of Exile because it rewards my time. Even after what feels like a fairly light and mindless two hour session, I can stop, look through my new belongings, and change my character or the world around him. When The Fall of Oriath expansion is nigh, I’ll be back with more thoughts and insights from the developers.


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