With The Lycosidae Nerf GGG Is Really Saying in PoE

First of all, Lycosidae is a shield and thus its effect is off-limits to two-handed weapons. 2H weapons (that aren’t Kongor’s Undying Rage or Lioneye’s Glare) are still stuck with Resolute Technique.

People did that before this shield existed and bypassed accuracy that way.
Its just harder to pull of, because you need some exalted orbs and lvl8 masters.
All of that got destroyed by a lvl11 shield 😀 and now its back.

And as Raics said, Resolute Technique is hewing very close to being a required allocation on the right side. When your choice is “Allocate Resolute Technique, sigh at all the damage you’re losing from Elemental Overload or other crit triggers” or “do not allocate Resolute Technique, struggle to break 80% hit rate regardless of crit”…is that really a choice? Is it really any wonder that when Choice #3, “Equip Lycosidae, get RT for one-handed weapons except WITHOUT sacrificing EO or other cool damage boosters for your build” became available, it was jumped on?

I don’t want to see a proliferation of “Hits cannot be evaded”. It is an extremely powerful modifier, on this we can all agree. Did Grinding Gear expect their cheap beater Rawhide Tower unique shield with the funky graphic and the flavor of “makes counterattacks juicy” to become one of the most popular and defining items in the game? Clearly not. But maybe they should have, given how massively high Resolute Technique keeps scoring in their Most Used Keystones metrics. This, as well as Lycosidae’s unexpected* meteoric rize in popularity, is something that should be interpreted as the playerbase screaming for left-side accuracy.

~80% hit rate sucks rocks. No part of it is fun. Investing in a build to overcome its weaknesses is fun, but there comes a point where too much investment for too little return swings back to unfun again. Accuracy is so scarce on the left side that I’m not sure I’ve seen a single left-side build (outside weird Juggernauts with the accuracy node almost nobody uses) with greater than 90% hit rate without Resolute Technique.

Nobody’s asking for a dozen new HCBE uniques. That’s a pissy solution and we all know it. Nobody’s asking for four hundred free Dex on the right side. Nobody’s saying Lycosidae shouldn’t be less popular than it is. We’re saying that Lycosidae will not stop being as popular as it is until the cost of not taking it stops being so painful. People can complain all they like about how accuracy should be a feature of Dex builds and right-siders, but the reality of the game is that hitting stuff is fun, not hitting stuff is not fun, and since people want to have fun they’ll continue to use whatever they have to in order to hit stuff.

If you want Lycosidae to be less popular and powerful? Give us an accuracy cluster or three on the left side. Not a big one, but even little clusters are better than no clusters at all. Give players the chance to do the thing where they get to invest in standard accuracy. There should be a range of options between “Resolute Technique, 100% accuracy, 0% crit”, “Lycosidae, 100% Accuracy, standard crit, 1H only”, and “<80% hit rate after investment”.

Trust me, plenty of folks would like to use shields other than Lycosidae on left-side 1H builds. Or go dual-wield. Or even go two-hander without being forced into Resolute Technique. But they realistically can’t do that when accuracy is essentially nonexistent over there, can they? More about information, click here


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