Path of Exile to Be the Best Game to Recommend to People

Are you looking for a game that suits you? I am glad to tell you. It's the easiest game to recommend to people who are 20+ years old because all you have to say is "did you like Diablo 2?" Do you want a better game? Do you like free games? Take a look at [...]


A Summary of the News about the Path of Exile

As time goes by, 2017 is coming to a close. The Path of Exile will usher in a new year. The last couple of weeks have seen the team keeping busy after the launch of War for the Atlas, they offering everyone a free Fire and Ice Mystery Box in holiday. Let's take a look [...]

Very Interesting League Mechanic – Path of Exile

Abyss Spinners are too powerful - 6k HP oneshot, no damage map mods. Personally, I think that some mods should just not accompany these mobs, ever. Substantial Phys Damage, Nemesis mods overall, attack speed, and even if I did say no Nemesis, one should be truly forbidden if Nemesis doesn't go, Proximity Shield. Additionally, they [...]