PoE: Did You Do A Lot of Research/Follow A Build Guide To Help Get You Started?

So i’m a new player, and I started exclusively playing on hardcore. Last night after 7 tries over 2 weeks I finally beat Kitava on act 10. It was an amazing feeling, and i’m still smiling at the achievement. GGG has made an amazing game and the early mapping that i’m starting to do is already a ton of fun.

Research yes. Before every major boss fight i watched videos on the mechanics of the bossfight. For act 10 kitava himself, i think i had watched about 10 attempts and I had a very good understanding of the mechanics of Kitava going into the fight and where the safe zones were. Even then it was a nail-biting fight.

For minor bossfights, I just watched a video on the mechanics of the bossfight once just before entering the fight. By the end most minor bossfights were pretty easy since I was dealing a ton of damage.

For build guides, on my 7th (and current) character I loosely followed one. For my first 6 characters I followed a build guide. These were the builds i played in order…

  • CA/CI deadeye (died to dominus, learned about staunching flasks)
  • SRS necro (died to.. well i forget what i died to. But i died)
  • Glacial cascade totems hierophant (really liked this one, died to act 6 final boss)
  • Glacial cascade totems hierophant (died to one of the gods in act 6, learned about maxing resistances)
  • Tornado shot deadeye (died to shavronne in act 4)
  • Glacial cascade totems hierophant (died to Kitava, got one-shot)
  • Summon skele necro (current char)

I really think following the build guides helped me understand the beautiful, interesting and way-to-complex build tree.

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Path of Exile’s Will Get Quite A Big Patch at the Beginning of June

Grinding Gear Games will begin releasing more information in the coming months other than the initial plans they have revealed for their game’s next big content update. The update will be hitting live servers on 01 June 2018 for PC, and the following weekend on Xbox One.

Big Patch

While they have announced the update will be rather large in scope, it won’t be a full expansion like the ones we’ve seen before. It will be more of a rework of the game’s systems and less of an addition of content.

The main selling point of the patch is the fact that the team has been working hard on fixing underused skills and adding new effects to the game. The addition of one effect to a spell can change so many builds in PoE, which is why many players enjoy the game.

Additionally, new Trap abilities will be added in the update which will make trapper builds a lot more fun and versatile. Apart from trapper builds, players will discover much more build variety and more will continue to surface in time.

More details about the contents will be announced in a month, and the team is excited to bring the update so much so that they announced the skill revamps this early despite that not being their usual policy. They have been working on this since the last expansion presumably.

Grinding Gear have promised to fix the recently-added bestiary a little in terms of fixing bugs which have existed for a while now. They announced they will have an alpha testing available soon, but that those who apply for the alpha now might not get it anyway because “that’s not how it works”.

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Soul Worker Haru Estia Skills Introduction

Soul Worker is an action MORPG that maximizes the fun, dynamic combat of 1 vs. many battles through characters that use unique skills and graphics resembling an animation created through detailed cartoon rendering. In the game, consumables are the items can give beneficial / positive effect towards the user and even to their allies, but it only can be purchased from the General Merchant with Soul worker Dzenai.

Soul Worker skill

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Haru Estia is a girl who uses the feeling of helplessness from not being able to do anything as her medium. She is a gentle, huge-sword wielding girl who suffers from feelings of obligation and guilt.

As a disclaimer, this guide is purely my educated opinion and by no means the only way of playing Haru, but I will back up my recommendations and choices with logical reasoning. Your own preference, playstyle. The brave Haru Estia heads into battle wielding her mighty Soulum sword, while Lilly Bloommerchen’s expression of her madness takes the form of a destructive Mist Scythe.

Skills that generally provide a continuous, permanent effect. Certain skills like Special Attack Mastery break this norm. Haru is also able to briefly combine the two swords together and execute special attacks. Check her out in action below.

To master the Leaping Strike of SoulWorker Haru Estia requires decent timing ability. The distance of the skill will perform depends on how long you press the hotkey, when release and cast the skill, the distance will be calculated depend on the time from you press to you release the spell preset key. I recommend you level up this skill fully.

Path of Exile Not Having A Cultural Influence in the Gaming Realm

I mean, over 150K. that is no small feat for a free game with a relatively small cultural influence in the gaming realm. its sub is incredibly active. The developers are presumably reading most threads and make minor (sometimes) major changes on a whim because they react. I grew up on old jrpgs and hack and slash games like -obligatory- D1 and D2. I played Torchlight and some other semi-popular clones. They scratched, but the itch was only alleviated. After playing some 120 hours, I think I have found what I want. And a lot of it is due a huge, active community I did know existed in these numbers. The interested gamers can buy chaos orbs poe from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

You can’t really say “small cultural influence”. If you’re an rpg fan, you know this game. If you’re an arpg fan, you’ve played this game. Few years back, you’d probably be right. But right now, any grindy (a)rpg can be compared to this, and it’s an unfair comparison for those games, as nothing comes even close to what PoE has become over the years.

Take D3 for example. It’s AAA game, but it was abandoned. You can play it for a bit, but you realize that it’s…boring. Pretty soon. Having smooth gameplay, great engine etc. helps, but that’s not what carries games. Devs do. As long as they make sensible decisions and move forward, the community will appreciate it and grow.

Even if a game has great potential, great gameplay, great community etc. (good ol’ days of RO) if the devs aren’t up to par, or make stupid decisions, the players feel it and leave sooner or later.

PoE is pretty much the only ARPG that can be played long-term right now, as nothing comes close.

Soulworkers – Advice on Builds for A New Player?

Hey Soulworkers! Since it doesn’t look like there is a beginner’s guide, I figured I might as well try to compile some knowledge that I find helpful and wish I had figured out sooner.

soulworkers players guides

Upgrade Yourself
When you upgrade past 4, there is a chance that your equipment might break, but you can offset this with the Anti-Destruction premium item, which you can buy from the Grutin NPC.

For you aesthetics people, your weapon will have effects at +3, +6, and I will assume +9. Upgrading gets pretty expensive as you go on though, so it’s advisable to not upgrade your weapon too much until you have one you’ll be using for a while.

Don’t forget to equip your Akasha cards! Use them from your premium inventory, and then go to your skill window and equip them from the Akasha tab.

You will need to Remove the card you want to level up, which is going to cost you a fair amount of money. So go ahead and use them, but later on when money isn’t an issue you’ll need to remove them.
Also, don’t forget to equip your titles – they give stats!

Bugs and Stuff aka relog, relog, relog
No servers available – either wait half a second, click it incessantly, or relog – usually the servers will show up unless there’s a maintenance
Server is missing from list – relog
Select character – doesn’t work, just relog and save yourself the shock of seeing no chars…
Also, you will get dced. Shake it off and just relog again.

Basic Settings
If you feel like your camera moves too fast, you can change it under Settings → Game → Camera and just slide the camera sensitivity to what you feel good with.
Some people have had issues with resolution, but the common resolutions should all be available in whichever screen mode you prefer.
You can press tab to toggle through chat modes.
You can press F to talk to NPCs – this one took me way too long to realize :>

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Soulworker Is an Anime-Inspired MMORPG that Has

SoulWorker is a third-person action MMORPG with an Anime style for PC SoulWorker Online is currently in open beta, though the game’s cash shop is online and selling both and Soulworker Dzenai and Soulworker Items. Last month Gameforge finally brought Soulworker to western shores. After getting an early glimpse of the game back at Gamescom 2017, I’d been waiting almost a year for another taste of this colorful MMO. Now, with the equally animated Closers already unleashed on the masses, I logged into Soulworker to check out the competition.

SoulWorker news

For the uninitiated, Soulworker is an anime-inspired MMORPG that has, like so many other eastern titles, been imminently incoming for far too long. It combines the kind of hyper-stylized aesthetic and flashy combat systems that makes it uniquely appealing to those of us whose wallets are firmly wedged beneath the heal of Bandai Namco’s latest console license. Thankfully for me, picking up Soulworker doesn’t have to interfere with my extraneous spending on the latest Sword Art tie-in or another Evangelion model. Gameforge’s latest game is a free to play affair which means that giving it a go should only require a time investment.

Logging into Soulworker, it is apparent that its aesthetic is one of its most prominent features. The heavily stylized, cell shaded graphics are full of bright colors and bold lines. This might not be any Studio Trigger masterpiece, but the population of Soulworker could be ripped straight from the cells of a top-tier anime studio. Everything from the playable characters, the corgis that roll over and beg for attention, to the enormous boss battles that await are an impressive delight. Soulworker’s deeply apocalyptic narrative is set against some of the flashiest animations that I have seen, and this outrageous style just calls out to every inch of my inner Otaku.

PoE: Do You Know That It Takes A Long Time To Grow 8 Doctors?

Might go for uber elder, get a nice watchers eye and vaal it. Make everyone hate me even more. Not sure. To answer the constant atlas question: Complete tier 1-7. No tier 8 or 9 (except shaped burial chamber of course). Tier 10+ completed as well as guardians and shaper. I think atlas completion was around 136 or 137. Just a remind, don’t forget to from U4gm to poe orbs cheap, which is the best choice for poe orbs services on the market!

It took around 2k-3k maps total. I built this character to only run Shaped Burial Chambers, and the playtime is 3days 20hours. About 6.5 hours to finish 10 acts, then a couple hours to get mid 70’s and start farming. So in total around 3days 10hours to farm all 8. Shortest amount of maps was about 30-50 maps between doc #2 and #3. Longest ammount of maps was either doc #6 , which i farmed about 10 hours 1 day, then 210 maps the next day. Probably around the 500 mark total. Or it was doc #8 in this video, i kept track of all the maps and it was 501 for #8.

Some highlight/interesting drops that happend throughout all those maps:

  • 3x belly of the beast
  • 2x carcass jack
  • 4x exalts
  • 5x divine
  • 4x annuls
  • 1x windripper
  • 2x tukohama’s fortress
  • 4x lightning coil
  • 2x QOTF
  • 9x starkonjas
  • 10x devoto’s
  • 1x abyssus
  • 2x witchfire
  • 1x lions roar
  • 2x ngamahu axe
  • 2x ventors gamble (not counting cards for 2 more)
  • 7x poorjoy
  • 6x mao kun
  • 1x Twilight temple
  • 2x tabula
  • 5x stacked deck
  • enough rings to make loreweave
  • About 400 xoph/tul/esh , 200 uul netol , and 50ish Chayula splinters

I leveld up multiple enlighten/empower , 2 enlighten were vaal’d to lvl 4. I also was able to level up and vaal 2x herald of ice, 1x hatred, 1x wrath, 1x added cold.